Royalty Scope Nursing Services

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Qualified and Caring Staff

Our staff have over 50 years combined life and industry experience; We can quickly assess and provide assistance in practically any situation to maximize patient care quality.

Every person apart of our team is skilled and trained with only the best credentials. Their training is consistently renewed based upon the latest techniques and technologies to provide incredible patient care for elderly adults who want to maintain a level of independence.

Our methodology for administering patient care is based upon individualized care plans. Rather than assuming a patient needs a particular course of action; our team devises a precise care plan and service agreement based upon your specific needs from our services to allow you to remain independent.

Person Centered Care

Our business was founded with the sole purpose of changing people’s perception about aged care services by putting people first. Our team makes sure that everyone’s care plan is individualized and consistently reviewed and updated to ensure they receive only the highest quality of personalized care.

“I have first hand experience seeing some of the aged care horror stories. I founded Royalty Scope to deliver personalized patient care that is person centered”

Georginah- Director of Royalty Scope Nursing Services

Communication is Key

Our Director meets each and every one of our clients before any care plan or service agreement is prepared. Our Director Georginah, has a very compassionate, patient-focused approach to implementing treatment plans in diverse clinical settings that always adhere to the standards of nursing practice. What separates her & and our team from other providers in the area, is the level of compassion that goes into running the business and how that is brought to live with personal 1 on 1 care for every patient.

Every client is given a card or phone number that goes directly to our Director for 24/7 access.

Want to talk to our staff to begin to organize your care plan? Contact our office on 9538 2379 or leave feedback on our Enquiry Form .