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“I have first hand experience seeing some of the aged care horror stories. I founded Royalty Scope to deliver personal, 1 on 1, patient care that is person centred”


While this statement might feel like a cliche that is Royalty Scope’s primary focus. With 30 years nursing experience, Georginah founded Royalty Scope with the sole purpose of changing people’s perception about aged care services by putting people first.

We demonstrate this with the first point of contact being a Registered Nurse. A care plan is developed before we begin any of our services, an important step to be clearly identify & measure goals to help someone live independently in their home. 

This also ensures there is continuity of care while providing communication between the Registered Nurse and the person to minimise risks or deterioration of health.

Our team makes sure that plan is individualised, reviewed constantly with an evidence based approach using up to date information from relevant, valid research about the effects of different forms of health care.

Royalty Scope Nursing Services to help Elderly People at Home
Royalty Scope Nursing Services providing Private Home Care Nursing helping with Medication Management Routines
Royalty Scope Nursing Services to help after in hospital to socialise
Royalty Scope Nursing Services providing Private Home Care Nursing for daily health checks
Georginah from Royalty Scope Nursing Services in Sydney


Director | Clinical Nurse Manager | Registered Nurse

Georginah has been involved in professional health care services for more than 15 years. A dynamic registered clinical nurse and nursing manager who has worked in a number of different hospital and community care environments in various capacities including Moran Health Care in Sylvania, Sutherland Hospital and King George Hospital in London.

As a mother of two, Georginah has a very compassionate, patient-focused approach to implementing treatment plans in diverse clinical settings that always adhere to the standards of nursing practice. What separates her & Royalty Scope Nursing Services is the level of compassion that goes into running the business and how that is brought to live with personal 1 on 1 care for every patient.

Georginah has worked in a number of different fast-paced environments and consistently provided beyond the expected treatment requirements, its what patients remember her for. She has excellent interpersonal and communication skills that foster strong relationships with a diverse range of patients, colleagues and care facility management teams. Georginah has been recognised for her proven clinical leadership skills and calm approach to solving any type of difficult situation. She created Royalty Scope Nursing Services to provide a choice for people that wanted a higher level of personal service.

Linton from Royalty Scope Nursing Services in Sydney


Finance & Administration Manager

Linton delivers all the customer service officer and administrative services for Royalty Scope. He has gained a broad range of practical experience with more than 15 years working for some of the largest brands in Australia like Westpac, St George Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and St Vincent Hospital. He has developed a brilliant ability to develop relationships quickly to help deliver high levels of customer service with his wonderful interpersonal skills.

Linton has worked with various hospital systems and his internal knowledge of their operations helps the team cut through some of the typical issues when it comes to getting fast responses to health care situations. He provides all the administrative support needed to drive meetings that are held with patients involving medical, nursing and allied health staff e.g. scheduling, ensuring all relevant documents are available for the meeting and progression of action items where needed.

Combined with Georginah's focus on personal, 1 on 1 care, it means the Royalty Scope team are very personable while delivering quality communication, follow up, processes and incident management to ensure every patient receives the correct, evidence based, care.

Sharon Kirkpatrick from Royalty Scope Nursing Services


Service Coordinator

Sharon has nearly 20 years of nursing experience in Australia and abroad. Her primary focus is to practice nursing in a manner that is culturally sensitive, treating individuals holistically and to provide effective good quality care to strengthen human qualities while promoting health and wellbeing.

Sharon is the perfect compliment to Georginah's focus on evidence based care. She practices in accordance to the APHRA standards but is passionate about ongoing education and evidence based research to aide the improvement of her practice as a Service Coordinator and Registered Nurse.

Leadership responsibilities include care and clinical care staff supervision, staff and service rostering, hiring staff as required, clinical competency assessments of staff,  conduct of staff education, medication management training and performance appraisal, Operational management responsibilities include review of clinical care plans, liaison with other organisations and specialists involved in individual clients’ clinical care, identification and response to clinical care and service risks,   response to clinical issues; hazards and incidents, conduct of client reviews maintenance of documentation and procedures and provision of operational reports to the Director.
- Operational management responsibilities
- Clinical Care Leadership
- Staff Education
- Health service Management
- Master of nursing degree
- Postgraduate certificate in Human lactation, breastfeeding and infant nutrition
- Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science
- Post graduate certificate in primary health care
- Postgraduate Certificate in Health Science
- Training for Health and Safety Representatives
- Bachelor of Nursing

Darya Kravsun from Royalty Scope Nursing Services


Registered Nurse

Darya is the most recent team member to join Royalty Scope having completed her Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Sydney in 2019 following earlier studies in Health Services Assistance, Diploma of Nursing and Bachelor of Media Science. Most importantly Darya has already gained experience working in the St George Neurosurgical & Trauma Ward as well as being an AIN at Anglicare Nursing Home.

Don't be fooled though, while Darya is starting her nursing journey, with experience already under her belt she has demonstrated a level of compassion not normally seen by someone of her age & a wonderful ability to communicate with patients (a skill honed in the high pressure environment of the trauma ward)


The Royalty Scope Nursing Services team is based in Caringbah but can provide private aged care services across different areas and locations in Sydney. Our team specialises in provided local aged care in the Sutherland Shire, through the southern suburbs of Sydney including St George and places like Randwick in the Eastern Suburbs. 

Royalty Scope Aged Care Service in the Sutherland Shire

Aged care service areas;

  • Sutherland Shire 

  • Sydney South area including St George
  • Randwick in the Eastern Suburbs.

Aged care service location examples;

  • Sutherland Hospital

  • Kareena Private Hospital

  • President Private Hospital

  • St George Hospital

  • Eastern Suburbs Private Hospital

  • Prince of Wales Private Hospital in Randwick


The team at Royalty Scope have received training from the leading industry providers and regularly work with the largest nursing and aged care organisations in Australia. We are also an official NDIS Approved and qualified to provide DVA Approved nursing care. 

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