Can someone with Dementia be forced into an aged care home?


Dealing with a loved one that is suffering from Dementia can create a number of daily life challenges that need to be overcome


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dealing with a Dementia Patient

For a family who is helping someone diagnosed with dementia, a very important thing to consider is what might happen at the point where they no longer have the capacity to make their own decisions.

How to manage someone with Dementia

While dealing with Dementia is a very human scenario thousands of people go through every day there are some foundations to dealing with scenarios where decisions need to be made about their care. 

The legislation across Australia is based on the international principle of “presumption of capacity”. This means that you are assumed to have capacity to make your own decisions unless someone can prove that you do not. 

Just having a family member or nonprofessional person claiming that you do not have
capacity, is not enough for you to be prevented from making your own decisions. Capacity is decision specific so even if you have been diagnosed with dementia, you may still have capacity to make all or at least some of your own decisions, especially if you have been diagnosed with early dementia.

Decision-making capacity may fluctuate over time and depend on the context such as the time of day, location, noise, stress or anxiety levels, medication or infection.

What if a person with Dementia can't make decisions?

The judgement about a person’s capacity to make their own decisions is based on evidence and usually requires a report from a health professional such as a doctor or psychologist. There are a variety of tests that these professionals may use to guide them in
their judgements about your capacity to make your own decisions.

It is important to consider planning ahead, discussing everyone’s wishes as a family unit and appointing someone, or more than one person, to make these life changing decisions in the event that person loses the capacity to do so. 

How can someone with Dementia get home care?

The Royalty Scope Nursing Team can provide Nursing Services or Private Home Care for people who have been diagnosed with Dementia. This could be for daily living assistance or even getting out into the Community.

Georginah Tiwaringe | Director of Royalty Scope Nursing Services

Georginah Tiwaringe | Director of Royalty Scope Nursing Services

Georginah is an experienced aged care service provider with extensive industry experience. She focusses on a people first approach to providing patient care with a 1 on 1 personal service.