What is Private Home Care in Sydney?


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What is Private Home Care?

Royalty Scope Nursing Services can provide private home care in all suburbs of the Sutherland Shire, southern Sydney including St George and through to the eastern suburbs around Randwick where all the major hospitals and specialists are located. In home nursing care costs are not part of the Government subsidised home care solutions and don’t require any assessment. You can find private nursing companies to get quotes on the cost of home help for the elderly or family members very quickly. Getting short term domestic assistance or access to registered nurses can help improve the quality of daily life and an ability to live independently with a case manager keeping things in check.

Private home care is different from the Home Care Packages that are available via the Government subsidised home care programs to get the care and support required. The benefit of choosing this type of service is that it is practically instant and is like choosing other professional services to get care for your loved ones. The Royalty Scope Nursing Service can provide community care for your family with an expertly trained and qualified service with our unique 1 on 1 onboarding program that ensures your loved one is in good hands from the very first conversation.

Private home care can be used to provide a few hours of help around the house each week or it could be for a loved one that needs specialist medical nursing 24/7 for a health condition or even end-of-life care at home. Our private home care services can be organised to be for a week, a few months or longer. We also find that a number of our Clients choose private health care to fill the time gap while they wait for assessments and approvals for Government funding.


Royalty Scope Nursing Services in Sydney For Families

How can a Private In Home Care Service help my parent?

A private home care service can help your parent by providing short, medium or long term assistance while they live at home independently. Your parent might need help with everyday tasks like getting the lawns mowed, cleaning the house or doing the washing. Alternatively, your parent might need special assistance with medical conditions and need private home nursing.

By getting Royalty Scope Nursing Services to private home care for your parent you can get professional, qualified carers with the training and knowledge to give them the right level of assistance required. It also means should something unexpected occur you have a trained professional on hand to help.

Getting home care service for your parent also means you are reducing the potential risks to your own health, stress and keeping everyone in your family safe.

What areas of Sydney can you provide Private Home Care?

Royalty Scope Nursing Services can provide private home care nursing in all suburbs in the Sutherland Shire, through southern Sydney including St George and across to the eastern suburbs around Randwick where all the major hospitals and specialists are located in Sydney. Our team has experience providing aged care services in all of these areas and locations like;

Sutherland Hospital
Kareena Private Hospital,
President Private Hospital
St George Hospital
Eastern Suburbs Private Hospital
Prince of Wales Private Hospital in Randwick

Why you should choose Royalty Scope for Private Home Care?

1. Individual patient on-boarding
Every new patient is greeted by our Director Georginah, she makes sure your parent receives personal attention from the beginning with a customised care plan.


2. A personal 1 on 1 relationship
The Royalty Scope Nursing Service motto is all about delivering person centred care and it starts with your on-boarding.


3. Over 50 years of experience in aged care
Our team has over 50 years of collective experience in aged care working for and with some of the biggest care providers in Australia.


4. Extensive training
The team has conducted extensive training from Australia’s leading healthcare providers to make sure they have learnt the latest practices for delivering the best aged care in Sydney.


5. Evidence based care
We don’t take anything for granted, so every time we make a visit we look at the evidence available to assess if the existing care plan is still suitable or if slight adjustments are required.

How long is a Private In Home Care Service visit?

In home care service visits can be a short as 1 hour or can be a full day or even over-night. It just depends on what is required for your family member. So, something like helping with household tasks might only need an hour, but post operation care might need an overnight stay with a registered nurse.

In any situation our expert in home nursing care is tailored specifically to suit your needs.

Is Private Home Care better than a Live-In Nurse?

Private home care can sometimes be better than a live-in nurse because you can have the in home nursing care cost based on your specific requirements rather than have someone there all the time for your family member where they may not be needed 24/7.

What is the difference between Private Home Care and a Nursing Home?

Private home care enables anyone to cover the cost of home help for the elderly or family members to get assistance in the comfort of their own home. There are a number of private nursing companies in Sydney like Royalty Scope Nursing Services that provide private nursing care at home.

So you can have private care with a range of care options that are all provided on a 1 on 1 basis by a qualified professional. A Nursing Home is a location that has multiple patients who all live together, so it is like a public gathering where general services are made available for your loved one. Home care is a more private option that allows your loved one to remain in their own home so that means it can be less disruptive for individuals with say Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Here are some considerations;

  • Home care creates a more personal, one-on-one relationship with the caregiver.
  • It’s comfortable and familiar in their existing surroundings.
  • An elderly person is able to remain as independent as possible rather than needing basic tasks to be done by a group of strangers. 
  • The cost of private home care is often less expensive than care out of the home.
  • A home may not be as secure as medical care facilities, which have security and staff available 24/7.

How do you choose a Private Home Care provider?

Choosing a private home care provider can be a challenging prospect but it is important to look at;

  • Their approach to home care.
  • The reviews or testimonials they have.
  • Who are the people providing the care, are they contractors or staff.
  • What service level agreement do they provide.
  • How well or how often do they communicate.
  • Their qualifications and experience.

Does Royalty Scope Nursing Services provide Private Home Care?

Royalty Scope Nursing Services provides private home care in Sydney for all types of situations.

How much does it cost for Private Home Care

You can contact Royalty Scope Nursing Services team and speak to Georginah who can provide a personalised quotation to determine the cost of home care for your parent based on their specific needs or requirements. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Is home help for the elderly the same as Private Home Care

Home help for the elderly is the same as private home care services. Our team can help your loved one whether they are 40 or 80. Our team will personalise a service to suit the needs of the patient.

Can Private Home Care costs be claimed on Medicare?

Private home care costs cannot be claimed on Medicare as they are a paid service like other private professional services.

Can Private Home Care be claimed on Private Health Insurance?

Private home care costs cannot be claimed on Private Health Insurance as they are a paid service like other professional services.

How do you get In Home Care Services in Sydney for your parent?

To organise in home care services for your parent all you need to do is contact our team and we can help assess what will be needed, being conversations about a care plan and provide a quotation.

What services can be provided by Private Home Care?

Given private in home care is funded by you it means that you can decide at what age, what length of time or what services are carried out without needing a government assessment ( ACAT/ACAS ). So it means we can provide services to people of all ages and needs including disability support, aged care, post-operative care, dementia care and palliative care.

So the actual services can include;

Personal care: showering, grooming, dressing, toileting, hygiene.

Nursing: medications, prescriptions, injury management, wound care.

Housework: cleaning, laundry, meals, shopping, pet care, paying bills.

Transport: medical appointments, visiting friends and family, social events, errands.

Socialisation: escorting for special events, lunches and morning/afternoon tea.

Companionship: indoor / outdoor games, activities and interests.

Staying active: walking, exercising, reading and assisting with correspondence.

Respite / Carer relief: we can help with a much-needed break or emergency relief.

Is Royalty Scope a Nursing Agency in Sydney?

Royalty Scope Nursing Services provides a nursing agency service in Sydney with a qualified team of health care professionals. We are one of the best private home care providers in Sydney with over 50 years experience helping people live independently but get the care and support they need.

What is Royalty Scope’s experience with Private Home Care in Sydney?

Royalty Scope Nursing Services in Sydney has a qualified team of health care professionals with over 50 years experience. We specialise in support services for older people and those with disability. Whether you have low, high or complex care needs, our highly trained staff will assist you to stay comfortable and safe in your own home by building a service plan around your needs and goals.

It is easy for anyone to claim that they can look after the people you care about, but it’s crucial that you have an idea of what your private caregiver has done to be in their position today. Georginah’s approach even as a Director is to provide a one on one personal service to make sure that all standards are met, that you receive regular updates and make sure everything is always moving in the right direction.

So it may be possible that you can take care of your parents without putting them into a Nursing Home. It will depend greatly on the answers to the questions above. It will be critical to find a balance between self help and using experts to make the job easier as this will reduce stress on the whole family unit.

A Nursing Home could be considered if all other alternatives have been exhausted.