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We are an experienced aged care provider in Sydney. While these statements might feel like a cliche that is Royalty Scope’s primary focus. 

With 20 years nursing experience, Georginah founded Royalty Scope with the sole purpose of changing people’s perception about aged care services by putting people first.

Royalty Scope Nursing Services to help Elderly People at Home
Nursing Services in Sydney by Royalty Scope lady in chair
Royalty Scope Nursing Services to help after in hospital to socialise
Royalty Scope Nursing Services providing Private Home Care Nursing helping with Medication Management Routines

The Royalty Scope Nursing Team has many years of experience providing a range of aged care services in Sydney. We know that most aged and elderly people want to stay in their own home, surrounded by the things they love, close to people that you know, amongst a community that you are familiar with and in lots of cases with family nearby.

It becomes extremely important to choose the right aged care provider to get the right level of elderly care so that continuing to live at home is safe, rewarding and manageable. We realise though that loved ones, guardians and close friends will want to make sure that getting aged care is safe, healthy and done by professionals.

Led by Georginah, the Royalty Scope Team practices evidence based nursing practices to make sure that every single person is treated as an individual and based on their specific requirements. We don’t take anything for granted and make sure everything done is needed, relevant and helps deliver high quality aged age.

The population aged 65+ is growing rapidly
The Sydney North Health Network reported in their 2016/2017 Needs Assessment that the 65+ aged group is expected to grow by 43% from 2016 to 2031. Alarmingly they also found that 40% of the people within their region had one or more chronic conditions and that 75% aged 75+ years old have not even had an annual health check, with over 40,000 of those people with two or more chronic conditions.

Don’t take aged care for granted
Every person has a certain level of pride in their ability to take care of themselves and live a normal life. Although with such a large proportion of the population getting older and so many people not even getting an annual health check up it means there are greater levels of risk that something can occur. Often this can be when it is too late and a person falls, or has an accident at home, aged care services can help avoid these situations.

Aged care can help in lots of ways
It is pretty well documented that in Australia three in ten people over 85 or 1 in 10 over 65 have dementia. Can you imagine trying to cope alone with this chronic health condition? Our team are experienced and trained to help people in this type of situation to get the aged care they need that can help even with basic things like daily living, cooking and cleaning. It is only natural that people living in their own home is a preference. Getting a care assessment can help you choose the right care services or support services for your residential aged care requirements.


Our experienced aged care team can help to provide personal care services like helping to eat meals or have a shower. It's just one example that can help with managing chronic conditions or say post hospitilisation.

Nursing Services in Sydney by Royalty Scope man eating


You can get residential aged care services that can help with simple errands and chores like making the bed or cleaning the house. They are things we all take for granted but for those who aren't quite so mobile it can be difficult to achieve. It is also a potential safety risk if they are trying to move around a house that isn't suited to a walking frame or wheelchair.

Nursing Services in Sydney by Royalty Scope lady making bed


Our experienced aged care nursing team can help manage medication usage to help manage daily health or even in situations where it is post hospitilisation. It can mean someone with same dementia doesn't forget to take their required medication, or someone with poor eyesight uses the right pill.

Royalty Scope Nursing Services to help with medications


Our experienced aged care nursing team can help to with meal preparations and nutritional support in the comfort of your own home. Maybe you are recovering from an operation or find it hard to move around your home or stand for too long. Our team can help with meal preparation to make sure you are getting the right nutrients for a healthy balanced life.

Royalty Scope Nursing Services to help after operations in hospital with food or medication


Sometimes the level of care needs to be escalated and our experienced aged care nursing team can live on-site to provide 24 hour care in the comfort of your own home. It can help in situations where there is a need to manage a chronic health issue or mobility is poor.

Aged Care Nursing Services in Sydney by Royalty Scope Old Couple


Our experienced aged care nursing team can do sleep overs that will help monitor someone while they rest. It means there is someone guarding over them maybe after a big operation or a health scare.

DVA Approved Nursing Services in Sydney by Royalty Scope man getting help


Getting operations when you are over 50 can be quite traumatic. Things like hip replacements or broken legs are quite common and can reduce your mobility significantly. Our team can help in these situations to make sure daily living needs are kept up with meal preparation, medication etc.

Royalty Scope Nursing Services to help after operations in hospitals to move around


Respite care helps you organise a temporary break, like a mini holiday, for the carer and the person they care for. It lets each person have some space to recharge and do other things. It means family members can have a short term break with the freedom to do a few everyday activities, clear your mind and improve health or welbeing.

Nursing Services in Sydney by Royalty Scope lady in chair


Very generally while a person is in the early stages of dementia they are quite able to still live at home and enjoy life in the same way as before their diagnosis. Although this can sometimes change quickly and getting professional home care can help manage this time. Alzheimer's Disease (AD) – AD is the most common type of dementia. It affects memory first and later progresses to affect other cognitive abilities, such as speech, ability to reason, and movement that can make it more difficult to live independantly

Private Home Care Royalty Scope Nursing Services providing private home care including overnight stays and visits


Our experienced aged care nursing team can provide support in 3rd party facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living locations or even help with transitioning care into a care facility.

Royalty Scope Nursing Services to help with general health situations


Our experienced aged care nursing team can help to provide general transport to get you to community activities, do the shopping or visit family.

Royalty Scope Aged Care Service in the Sutherland Shire


Our experienced aged care nursing team can help to provide companionship for those who are on their own.

Royalty Scope Aged Care Services


The team at Royalty Scope experience all types of nursing and aged care scenarios. Our breadth of expertise enables us to manage these situations with a mix of services required. Each case we treat individually and with evidence based care practices.

    • AGED CARE;
      An aged care scenario could be something like a 90 year old woman with dementia who lives at home by herself. We could send a Support Worker to her home 3 times a day to visit. During that visit we could help her get dressed, cook, clean, do the shopping, administer medication and monitor her safety. This is all done in the comfort of her own home.
      A 67 year old male may want to top up the services they receive from their home care packages to have more hours given to them for support. So this could mean they require second daily showers, dressing, compression stocking application, meal preparation and other things. They may also require a pad change in the afternoon or even a hoist transfer into bed with the help of his wife. A support worker can help the mans wife with these tasks including getting in and out of bed or pad changes.
      A patient could be a 52 year old female with cerebral paulsy that requires showering and community access as well as skills development. To help with these things we can provide a Support Worker and Registered Nurse to deliver Care Planning, General Support and Skill Development.
      Imagine a 62 year old female that has unstable blood sugar levels with arthritis in the fingers. It would be very difficult for them to manage. We can provide Registered Nursing Service Monitoring as well as Administration of Insulin.
    • AGED CARE;
      Consider an 85 year old male that requires a PEG Feed overnight to be administered for 8 hours during the night. We can organise for this to be administered by a Registered Nurse working an Active Night Shift at the person’s home.


The team at Royalty Scope have received training from the leading industry providers and regularly work with the largest nursing and aged care organisations in Australia. We are also an official NDIS Approved and qualified to provide DVA Approved nursing care. 

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